The Power of Keywords: How to Optimize Your SEM Strategy

The Power of Keywords: How to Optimize Your SEM Strategy

You need to look at your keywords and optimize your SEM strategy to achieve higher search engine rankings. Keep reading to learn how and start today.

Proper marketing is the foundation of any successful business. In 2022, companies spent approximately 8.7% of their gross revenue on marketing. One of the most important strategies to budget for is search engine marketing (SEM).

This can help you stand out from your competition and maximize your sales. We’ve put together a brief guide on how to optimize your SEM strategy. Let’s dive in.

Research Your Target Keywords

Your keyword research will serve as the foundation for your entire SEM strategy. This is a staple component of search engine optimization (SEO) you may already be familiar with.

Without the right keywords, you won’t get your content in front of your audience. To get started, make a large list of keywords and phrases your audience is likely to search for.

These could pertain to issues they need to resolve. Keywords and phrases could also be related to product features a customer looks for.

In the beginning, keep your keyword list broad and simple. Once you’ve gotten a better feel of your customers’ needs, you can figure out long-tail keywords. These are multi-word phrases that can keep your traffic more relevant.

For example, a broad keyword could be “financial advising.” A long-tail keyword for the same topic might be “best financial advisors in Los Angeles.”

You can assess your previous content to get a feel for the keywords you should target. Look at your highest-performing pages and consider what keywords you used.

Frequently Assess Your Quality Score

Your quality score plays a large role in your online ad performance. There are three primary factors to consider. Let’s explore them in detail below.

Ad Relevance

How relevant is your ad to your target keywords? The closer this relevancy, the better. For example, let’s assume your keywords are focused on men’s shaving products. You wouldn’t want your ads to be misconstrued as marketing something else.

Landing Page Experience

This term refers to the user experience after people reach your landing page. Did they find what they expected? The copy on your landing page should be crafted to fit your audience’s specific needs.

Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your CTR will depend on how many people click on your ad. The higher the number, the more relevant Google assumes your advertisement is. A good CTR means nothing without a solid landing page, though.

Once people click on your ad, the page they reach should compel them to take action. Essentially, your quality score is based on your ads’ overall relevance.

Make Your Ads Compelling

Creating compelling ads is more complicated than it seems. You have limited time (and visual space) to get your audience’s attention.

A great practice is to keep your call to action (CTA) brief and clear. You should also align your message with your users’ intent.

For instance, if people are looking to purchase a product, your ad should make that product enticing. Ads are also a great opportunity to convey promotions you run.

Even a small discount goes a long way toward boosting sales. Ensure that your copy is interesting, as well. No matter what you offer, people won’t take action if your ads are bland.

Utilize A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, A/B Testing is an amazing opportunity to refine your marketing strategy. It functions by creating similar ads with minor differences. These could be alternative headlines, banner images, or CTAs.

You can then analyze which ads performed best. If you notice one type of ad did substantially better, you can discard strategies that didn’t work.

Make frequent use of split testing so you can maximize your CTR and quality score. Be patient, though. It can take months to come up with the best strategies with this method.

These allow you to include links under your ad to specific pages on your site. They can give your ads a greater presence and make them more effective. It’s worth noting it doesn’t cost extra to use sitelinks.

They’re a highly efficient way to improve your CTR without stretching your budget. Great pages to link to include FAQs, case studies, pricing info, and promotions.

Make Use of Bid Adjustments

Bid adjustments give advertisers the chance to reduce or raise bid amounts based on certain details. These include target demographic, device, location, and time of day. Your cost per click (CPC) for ads with high relevancy will be higher than those that aren’t as relevant.

It’s best to wait a few months before using bid adjustments. This will give you enough data to make the right decision. Once you’ve refined your bid adjustment strategy, you can use automation to optimize it.

Work With a Professional

Handling search engine marketing on your own isn’t recommended. It will cost more time and resources than it should. Instead, consider outsourcing to a professional.

They have the knowledge and skills to provide outstanding results. When looking for a firm, explore its past reputation.

See what other people have to say about their experiences. Were they satisfied with the results they got? Did they feel the firm remained professional throughout the process?

Details like these will help you make the best decision. Check their industry experience, as well.

It’s best to hire someone who’s handled a large number of clients like you. Look into their pricing before making your choice. They should be fully transparent about what you’ll pay.

If they attempt to deflect questions about their pricing structure, continue your search elsewhere. With enough due diligence, you’ll find the best option for your situation.

Handling SEM Is Easier Than It Seems

Some entrepreneurs find it difficult at first to manage their SEM strategy. With the right help, you can streamline this obligation and hit the ground running. From here, you’ll reach metrics like never before.

At Red Stone Studio, we believe that digital marketing should be effective without stretching your budget. We’ve designed our strategies to be as cost-efficient as possible while exceeding our clients’ needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.


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