What Are the Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses?

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According to HubSpot, 70% of marketers think that SEO is more effective than PPC (aka CPC). It’s easy to see why they think this way. Google received 943 billion searches two months into 2023. 

Any of those searches could bring your small business new customers. However, plenty of other businesses will have SEO strategies. Many of them may have better strategies as they can afford high-quality SEO services. 

Don’t think that you’re completely hopeless, though. One or more of the best SEO tools for small businesses can give you the competitive edge you need. Read on to learn about some of these software programs. 

What Do the Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses Have? 

This article will be unable to feature ALL of the types of SEO software available on the market. You may not be able to find the exact SEO software that your small business needs. If this happens, you can use the following strategies as you search for the right SEO software. 

Here’s a list of some of the features that you’ll find in the best SEO software tools. Go over them and consider if your business could use them. Then look for SEO tools that include these features. 

Keyword Research 

The importance of SEO trends (keyword-wise) cannot be understated. If you don’t know which keywords are currently trending, you won’t know which keywords to put in your articles, product descriptions, etc. The right software can research SEO keyword trends and suggest popular SEO keywords to use. 

Site Audit 

Having a great search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is great. However, you can’t convert leads if potential customers click away from a troublesome site. One site audit tool can check for on-page SEO as well as technical issues. 

Performance Tracking

It is easy to calculate your return on advertising spend (ROAS). All you need to do is check how much money your business has made since you started an SEO-based reputation management campaign. However, you can’t learn why your ROAS is low or high this way. 

You’re going to need performance-tracking tools to get this information. SEO software tools should have features that track how your website’s SEO strategy is doing compared to those of your competitors. You can see which keywords your competitors are using, the position of your website, and so much more. 

The Best Small Business SEO Tools 

The software programs below should have tools like the ones mentioned above. On top of this, many of these tools are free to use. They may not function as well as pay-to-use programs, but they’ll be a great alternative if you’re just starting. 


AgencyAnalytics is best when you want the whole team and clients to be able to review reports. It has a clean interface and client-sharable dashboards. It can also review metrics for sites like Yelp, Bing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and several more. 

SEO Quake 

Do you want a quick SEO metric reference tool? If so, you need SEO Quake. This is the perfect SEO toolbox that conveniently works as a browser plug-in. 

With just a few clicks, you’ll get metrics for a single website page. You can also use the tool’s full SEO audit function. This will evaluate the quality of each website page’s on-page and off-page SEO. 


If you want one of the most complete SEO software packages, you need to check out SEMrush. There’s pretty much no take that SEMrush can’t handle. It offers backlink analysis, competitor research, on-page SEO audits, and much more. 

Most importantly, it can help you identify and eliminate toxic backlinks with its toxic backlink feature. These are links that come from low-quality websites. They can negatively impact how well your site ranks on Google. 

Rank Ranger 

Rank Ranger is best for tracking keyword rankings. Learn how your website measures up in major search engines and different locations around the world. With these reports, you can identify the up and down rankings and adjust your strategy when it’s necessary. 

However, Rank Ranger doesn’t just deal in keyword rankings. Many other features can help you track how your SEO campaigns perform. 

Screaming Frog 

Screaming Frog is only free up to a point. However, if your website has less than 500 URLs (common for small businesses), you won’t pay a thing. You’ll only need to download their SEO Spider tool, type in your website’s domain name, and hit the Start button. 

After you do this, you’ll get a detailed audit for each webpage. You can then easily spot problems without manually auditing each page on your website. 

Google Search Console 

This is another free auditing tool. What’s even better is that one of the best tech companies in the world made it. After creating your account, you’ll get alerts for website errors and key website stats like click-through rates, keyword rankings, and more. 

You can also link Google Search Console to the company’s other free SEO tool: Google Analytics. Doing this will unlock more reporting tools in your Analytics account. 

Google Analytics 

Even if you don’t link Analytics and Search Console, both of these tools are great to use simultaneously. Analytics has several features that Google Search Console doesn’t have. This will help you learn even more about your website. 

You need to install Analytics on your website first. Then you’ll be able to get reports on how visitors use your site, what content they prefer, and so much more.

We Help Financial Advisors Manage SEO

All this information on the best SEO tools for small businesses should help you get started on your SEO tool search. These don’t have to be the final SEO tools that you end up using. However, if you choose them, they should help you get the best information about your SEO campaigns. 

Are you a financial advisor who needs help creating lucrative leads with your Google and Facebook Ads? If so, consider hiring us! We’re so confident in our ability to create these leads that we’ll offer you a full refund if we fail. 

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