5 Current SEO Trends You Should Give a Try

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Fact: 68% of people’s online experiences begin with the search engine asking a question and receiving results. Do you want to be one of the results that appear for potential customers?

If so, there’s only one way to go, and that’s by making SEO an essential part of your business optimization process. We’ve got a guide that will define the different trends you should begin using from PPC to CPC in SEO for your business.

Get ready to continue investing in your business long-term after checking out these SEO trends.

1. Utilizing AI in SEO

More and more businesses are beginning to incorporate artificial intelligence into the SEO strategy they’re using for their businesses. AI makes it easier for users to interact with the content you post across your website more seamlessly.

If you’re confused about how AI will play a part in your SEO strategy, stop wondering because we’ve got the answers. The first way it will benefit your SEO is to make your content more discoverable by people searching for something specific.

For example, more people use voice search because it’s easier, and they don’t have to stop what they’re doing to type in a question. You need to ensure that when you’re optimizing the posts for your website, you ensure you’re using the keywords that people use when searching for something.

Another way that AI can be of use to your company is to increase the traffic you receive to your website. When you can increase your website traffic, you can begin to implement different strategies to help your company enter a growth phase.

Lastly, AI helps to increase the efficiency of your company’s workflow. For example, after creating content for your website, you can use various platforms to schedule the post to go out across your social media channels.

2. Focusing on Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

The next trend that many brands are making a priority is creating mobile-friendly content. People spend upwards of 5.4 hours on their phones surfing social media and using the search engine for various reasons.

It’s crucial that you create content that can be viewed easily, no matter what platform the consumer uses. Keep in mind that depending on the platform you’re using; you have the option to preview how the content will look via a desktop and mobile screen.

If things don’t look the way you want them to look, you can go back and make changes before officially posting it. Before you launch content, create a mobile-friendly checklist to use before others can view the content.

This will ensure:

  • Content is posted without any problems
  • All elements of the content are loading without delay
  • Page speed isn’t affected on the mobile device
  • Page pathways are easy and clear for consumers to use

When your content isn’t mobile-friendly, it increases the chances of consumers leaving your website before they’ve had a chance to make a purchase. Because people leave your page this quickly, it will increase the overall bounce rate of the page.

3. Create Quality Content Instead of Focusing on Quantity

Did you know that Google looks for the quality of the content you post over the quantity of the content? If you’re posting an increase in content, but it’s not providing the information consumers are looking for, your ranking higher in the search engine decreases.

Google and other search engines want to show consumers content that meets their needs and provides quality information for them. The best way to ensure you’re creating properly optimized content and on topic for your consumers is to keep track of trends and topics that people want to know and see from their favorite brands.

This will ensure you create a consistent content stream that your consumers want to check out and share with others.

4. Images Are Just as Powerful as Words

A picture can say a thousand words, as the saying goes, and in some cases, this is true. Another common SEO trend you can use is incorporating visual images for people to see in the place of text.

The best way to increase your search engine ranking is to incorporate unique images and visuals in your content scheme. For example, if you’re a healthcare professional that wants to provide information about a specific procedure, you can accomplish this by using images.

You can take the information you need to share with your followers and convert it into an infographic. Infographics are captivating pieces of content that mix text with images. 

It’s a great way to deliver information that might be deemed dull to some people. 

5. Defining User Intent

Why is your target audience using a search engine? The customer experience is becoming the main focus of all business strategies and can help you to optimize your website and the content you create better.

It’s essential to understand what motivates your potential customers to make certain purchases. The reason for this is that you can then make a note of these motivations and play on them to increase the chances of increasing your sales.

Before creating more content, you need to take advantage of several SEO trends, from SEO writing to focusing on user intent. Whatever you do, the goal is to attract more people to your page to get them to enter your sales funnel.

Do you need help with SEO, or are you looking for ways to continue engaging with friends? Let’s Connect and see how we can help!

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